Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
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Thx for fix FSE Love

(2015-09-21, 16:01)Bjur Wrote: Thanks roma. Disable fast channel switching did work. I would of course like faster switching, but it works and that's the important part.

Regarding the profile. I am using load from madvr active profile, so if I uninstall Kodi I still have the profiles in madVR. But is it possible to use a specific madVR profile for only TS which I think it's using and lower the madVR profile only on this LiveTV and everything else higher profiles? if I read the description above I can't use that for this specific scenario.

PS. A huge thanks for all the great work especially by aracnoz and also roma and Warner for the help and contribution to this project.
look here: rules for madVR
if (not mediaplayer="kodi.exe")
for example.

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