Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-22, 23:56)gotham_x Wrote: Thank you, your feedback for this, there are many things I have to assimilate by your guide, little by little to a smattering of basic to implement the various concepts, one of these aregomenti who are interested in understanding;
With ReClock, was just Audio bitstreaming to my AVR for decoding HD audio tracks,, in this case is like PASS THROUGH Audio .... work it takes charge of the Tuner / Amp duty, correct? I omit two-channel PCM output.

If you want to bitstream, check all of the boxes in LAV Audio for each audio format. After that, set ReClock exactly the same as pictured in the guide. This will passthrough bitstreams directly to your AVR.

I rewrote the ReClock section to make it a little bit more clear. It is perhaps the most technical topic in the guide. Clock jitter has never really bothered me. I never notice the repeated frames, and the clocks in my setup only drop a frame every three minutes or so.

I use ReClock for its WASAPI Exclusive bitstreaming and couldn't be happier.

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