Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Hi aracnoz, again, a big thanks for adding the external subs lang pref option on my request..
But I found a down side to it, maybe, hopefully, it can be corrected :

If a MKV has FR and EN external subs, DSPlayer will choose FR subs, as set in the settings.
But if a MKV has FR internal subs, and EN ext subs, it will choose the EN ext subs.

My LAV Splitter is set to prioritize FR internal subs.. but i think DSPlayer (or KODI?) coming after, choose external subs.

Does DSPlayer has the knowledge of internal subs? If so, if there is already an internal sub with the language selected in the new DSPlayer setting, it should let this one chosen, instead of trying to take an external sub.

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