Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-24, 10:29)aracnoz Wrote:
(2015-09-24, 10:16)Warner306 Wrote: I think he is saying the default profile is missing. All I see is the DSPlayer Profile Group.

maybe I did not understand what you mean, but this is the normal madVR behavior, when you creates a profile in madVR, then there is not more trace of global/default profiles for the profiled settings

I think I misinterpreted the feature based on the change log:
"The option "Load and Save with DSPlayer database" will create a dummy DSPlayer profile into the madVR control panel to avoid conflict with pre-existent profiles"

I read that as you added the dsplayer profile group so that you could retain madvr settings for use within other apps. That is, dsplayer settings wouldn't conflict with them so you could run multiple

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