Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-04, 18:59)weirdinin Wrote: I have been using kodi dsplayer for a while now without any problems and been very happy and I'm very graceful for an amazing progress you guys have done this far. Especially I like how settings are easy to setup now thanks to internal filters! However, there are issues with the latest release of kodi dsplayer 15.2 Isengard rc3, 20151004-d0191b0

There are horrible horizontal artifacts in the screen when for example skin animations are rendered. And rss feed speed changes time to time and sometimes it runs double as fast as it should. Also during video playback using dvdplayer there are horizontal artifacts. Especially when there any camera spanning. Madvr works ok.

I tried with official kodi Isengard 15.2 rc3, and there were no artifacts at all. Settings were identical, nothing changed.

Then I tried to roll back to older releases of dsplayer and release that works is 11 August 2015 (bd53e0f).
26 August 2015 (66c524b) doesn't work. With that release artifacts appear, although they are small but still visible and annoying. With latest 20151004-d0191b0 artifacts are just horrible. Could it be that DX11 is the reason? in 11 august version there's no dx11, but in 26 august there is.

win 7
Kodi Isengard rc3
intel i3 3225, hd graphics 4000 (updated drivers yesterday)
Display mode: 1920x1080p 60 hz full screen using full screen window

When using true full screen (not windowed) there are no artifacts in kodi gui but during playback using dvdplayer there are.

Tell me if you need more information to help me solving this.
Kodi dsplayer also crashes when trying to close it.

Debug log:

Seem to be tearing issue from what I read. Try turn vsync on in Intel drivers control settings. See if it is turn off or left as application decided.

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