Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Hi I am new to kodi, but I already knew I would require this DSplayer version. I have installed for the first time today (build 20151004-d0191b0) and I am also not getting sub titles to show.

I am sure I have set up everything correctly. The problem appears to be the subtitle file not being loaded into vysubfilter once I have used the kodi interface to download it from one of the sources. If I do this all in windows mode I can see the vysubfilter tray icon correctly start and madvr report its expecting subtitles, the issues I do see is the downloaded file is not being passed to vysubfilter (there is no subtitle file reported in the filters main tab from the tray tool). If I manually add the subtitle file into xysubfilters tray icon from kodi's cache directory then subtitles will start showing.

Is this an issue with the latest build as the user above mentions the same issue? Or am I overlooking something given that I am a new user?

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