Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-05, 19:05)SoundsGreat Wrote: Hi,

Following up with my earlier post,I have updated to the Oct4 Build and also did some tinkering with the drivers and what not.

Anyways Now Am able to play videos to some extent properly,not half as bad as the older post or not half as good as it used to be ! But somewhere inbetween which I can live with.

My main question now is,

1. Am on Win8.1 with DX11.1 and Am not able to install DX11.2 via windows update,How does one do that.
2. Although I have DX11.1 and have enabled exclusive mode Am not seeing the same on stats (had to disable exclusive to take screen shot),It shows D3D9 which means its using DX9 and not 11. How do I get it use DX11 ?? Perhaps that's why Am not able to get proper playback !



Please let me know what Am I missing ?


D3D11 is used for presentation in madVR and this must be set from the madVR control panel under general settings. If you are not outputting at 10-bits, the result may be the same (although, entering and exiting fullscreen exclusive mode can be faster).

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