Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-06, 10:25)Razoola Wrote:
(2015-10-05, 17:11)aracnoz Wrote: there is a strange behavior with internal subtitles, in my case the problem come with madVR 0.89.6

with madVR 0.89.5 seems ok

can you pls try?

Using madVR 089.5 does not solve my subtitle problem, I think I am experiencing a different issue to others however as I have since noticed my issue only happens when streaming.

If am playing locally stored content with an external subtitle file (srt) in the same directory, subtitles work.

If am playing locally stored content with no external subtitle in the same directory, I can use the download option, an external subtitle is downloaded and works. The subtitle file is stored in the same directory as the content playing .

If am playing an external stream and I use the subtitle download option subtitles do not work. I can however see the subtitle is stored in kodis cache directory but with weird filename, I can force it to load via the XySubFilter tray icon but I just assumed it would be seamless in the same way as local content already is.

Is this expected behaviour, a known issue or a new bug?

can you pls provide a FullDebugLog

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