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Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-10, 16:16)gotham_x Wrote: Question a bit 'technical experts madVR combined with Kodi / DSPlayer, I have a Nvidia GTX-970 doing some tests with medium settings and chroma upscaling to 1080p with NNEDI3 I tested these values for Rendering and GPU Sensor

Chroma Upscaling : NNEDI3 set to 128 neurons and Image upscaling JINC
Rendering 28/29 ms

Sensor GPU:
GPU Core Clock = 1410
GPU Memory Clock = 1502
GPU Temperature = 68%
GPU Load = 64%

Chroma Upscaling : NNEDI3 set to 64 neurons and Image upscaling JINC
Rendering 18/19 ms

Sensor GPU:
GPU Core Clock = 1177
GPU Memory Clock = 1502
GPU Temperature = 58%
GPU Load = 46%

I would like to know what you think of these values NNEDI3 / GPU and if there are significant differences between NNEDI3 128 neurons and NNEDI3 64 neurons as settings for video quality for the final video at 1080p.

In most cases, differences in chroma upscaling will be difficult to detect due to the soft nature of the chroma (color) layer. So anything 32 neurons or above would be plenty power to devote to a setting that won't do a whole lot to the overall quality of the picture.

If you are upscaling 1080p to 1080p, then I might go all out in sharpening the chroma layer because there isn't much else I can do to the image. But, otherwise, I would focus on other settings instead.

If you don't mind the look of image sharpening, image enhancements and upscaling refinement will provide more immediate gratification. Image upscaling can also do a lot with resolutions below 1080p. I would consider using NNEDI3 64 luma doubling followed by image downscaling for 720p content resized to 1080p. Luma doubling would improve the picture more than applying anything to the chroma layer.

Luma doubling settings for your card might look like this:
  • Chroma: super-xbr150 + AR
  • Image: Jinc3 + AR
  • Luma Doubling: 1.5x or greater - NNEDI3 32 to 256 neurons
  • Chroma Doubling: Off
  • Downscaling: Catmull-Rom + AR + LL
  • Upscaling Refinement: SuperRes (strength: 1)
  • Artifact Removal - Debanding: Medium/High
  • Image Enhancements: Off
  • Dithering: Error Diffusion 2
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