Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-13, 18:27)XTrojan Wrote: So, has XySub development ended, or whos taking care of it now?

Regarding 24P stuttering i've been messing with for an eternity it's simply a problem with the TV (CCFL Backlit) that's not fixable.

Has anyone tried 24P with the newer Samsung TVs(European Models) with MadVR and no judder/jaggy/stutters?
I'm having hesitation about buying European TV Models since the Motion plus is often incompatible with 24Hz when running via HTPC. 1000 Divided by 24 = uneven.

XySubFilter is still being actively developed. Beta3 was released just recently. I'm not sure who is in charge, but madshi is involved.

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