Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-13, 19:54)Knight77 Wrote: - When I pause the video or use osd to dowload subs and the skin osd comes up I noticed that the GPU usage % quickly rise to a very high level so the video card fans start spinning like crazy and the ones of the case follow the same behavior. I'm using the last version of the installer. Why? How to solve it??

i just noticed this today and reported to madshi because this it's a madVR situation since madVR 0.89.3, with madVR 0.89.2 for me there is not an high gpu load while pause

can you also confirm this behavior with your setup?

(2015-10-13, 19:54)Knight77 Wrote: - I noticed that the player doesn't load the subs included in the mkv but only the external ones. If I select the "included" subs via osd or yatse anyway doesn't play them.

madVR 0.89.6 had some problem to show internal subtitles, if you are using this version you should update to the latest one

(2015-10-13, 20:41)hlina Wrote: With the latest Version of dsplayer-Kodi I am getting the following error:

creating direct3d device failed (80070005)

Error message is shown on a black screen when I want to start playing a video.
The problem occurs only on my secondary monitor, but playing movies works fine on primary screen. I have a GTX960 graphics card and the computer monitor (primary display), a beamer (secondary display) and also a TV connected to it.OS is windows 10 64 bits.

Any ideas?

have you enabled "adjust refresh rate" in kodi? if yes you should try to handle these things only by madVR trayicon in display mode

anyway you should check if this it's happening also with dvdplayer because it could be a kodi problems not related to dsplayer


i'm not able to test zoom/aspect ratio things with "Finnish TV streaming add-on Elisa Viihde" because requires registration anyway if with normal file there it's not problem it should work in the same way with streaming contents... it could be something directly relative to that addons, you should find a file to reproduce the same issue

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