Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-14, 12:54)spencerjford Wrote: sometimes it's still worth running the updater. and making sure you have the proper drivers installed.

The auto install drivers are not always feature complete, I suggest you go to the website of whatever graphics your computer has and get the most recent.

Plus download directxwebupdate (i think that's what is,) these two steps may solve it.

I tried installing directxwebupdate and the latest NVidia driver, but this didn't help.
I have figured out that I can avoid THIS problem with several changes in madVR settings:
In section rendering/general settings,for example, "enable windowed overlay", "use Direct3D 11 for presentation" or "use separate device for presentation", each of them makes this error not coming up anymore. But with any of these workarounds, the controls are not displayed anymore on the beamer (on the PC monitor and on the TV (both connected via DVI), everything works well, though).

Btw, after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Break to create a madVR freeze report, where can I find this report then?

Another addition: When I set the beamer to "Primary Display" in Windows, I get the controls back and everything works fine; unfortunately I obviously cannot use this work around in the long term. This is so odd.
There is also a message popping up on the top left of the screen when I start a video on the primary display saying "the installed XySubFilter version is outdated" - this message is likewise not visible on the beamer. I am using svp for frame interpolation, which generates a meassage about the frame rate, which is visible on all displays.

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