Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-16, 12:52)vicmanpergar Wrote: Range Levels. Guys, with all my respect, i've seen this discussion thousand times and it's going nowhere. I'm sure u both can quote multiple reliable sources but hardly reach a common solution. I've read a lot about the topic to know different reliable ppl have different opinion with their good reasoning. At the end, as happened to me, every person is gonna handle it as their own eyes dictate.

As stated, this decision will have minimal impact on image quality. Try each option for yourself. You may also find your TV looks better in one mode that is not the perfect solution for someone else. I am betting it is more dependent on the way your TV displays this output than having generically correct levels. If you don't want to re-calibrate your TV for PC mode, then don't. And madshi has stated there is nothing wrong with outputting at a limited range.

super-xbr/NNEDI3 + SuperRes is much more impressive.

Edit: There is now a need for SuperRes settings sharpness and scale in linear light with madVR v0.89.11.

Scale in linear light should be left off for most users. Sharpness looks best at 2 to my eyes.

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