Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-18, 23:08)oldpoem Wrote:
(2015-10-18, 22:46)Uoppi Wrote:
(2015-10-18, 22:02)Warner306 Wrote: I have been using a test build of DSPlayer with improved support for http/https streams.

Could you please double check if 4:3 material displays correctly as 4:3 (and not sideways-stretched) when using Normal view mode in Kodi? Like I wrote previously, the stretching started happening to me with the latest DSPlayer build. Never happened before and never happens when playing local (from NAS) files. I have no clue what's suddenly triggering the zoom when streaming; at any rate madVR OSD correctly says 4:3.

Try play with DVDPlayer switch zoom to 4:3. Stop. Play with DSPlayer and see if normal view give correct result.

When selecting Play using... -> DVDPlayer, the stream launches in DSPlayer regardless.

For some reason with the latest DSPlayer + madVR the picture
a) doesn't even momentarily switch to 4:3 anymore (remains 16:9 throughout with the madVR OSD showing 16:9),
b) sometimes, but not always, remains locked at 4:3 if the stream begins with 4:3 and changes to 16:9 later.

Somehow I feel it's related to madVR's zoom functionality, even though it doesn't seem to matter if the black bar detection is enabled or not. Anyway, I have extremely limited time for testing right now, so I'll just accept something got broken and toggle zoom manually when needed.

All I know is everything worked fine up until a few weeks ago. Hopefully someone else can reproduce this with a http(s) stream that has changing aspect ratios.

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