Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-19, 21:20)Wanilton Wrote: I have lentoid installed here for hevc, what I need for work, using internal dsplayer settings...work hevc here but not with lentoid, maybe need change configure xml file.

I try this rule
<rule filename=".*h265.*|.*H265.|.*x265.|.*X265.*|.*hevc.*|.*HEVC.*">
<source filter="lavsource_internal" />
<splitter filter="lavsplitter_internal" />
<video filter="lentoid_hevc_decoder" />
<audio filter="lavaudio_internal" />
<subs filter="xysubfilter_internal" />

Internal filters always use predefined mediaconfig_internal.xml which use internal lavfilters. I suggest you switch to using mediaconfig.xml / filterconfig.xml instead.

The code you used works fine as long as you type correctly and your hevc file has h265 or hevc in filename.

Also you have to add lentoid hevc decoder to your filterconfig xml too.

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