Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-20, 05:57)Warner306 Wrote: I haven't experienced any buffering issues as of yet. aracnoz would have to comment on that. But, I have seen more bad than good in my testing. Most sources play smoothly and allow for navigation forwards and back.

It would be a waste for most to not utilize madVR for video streams, particularly, the use of Image Doubling and SuperRes, which offer a dramatic improvement over DVDPlayer for SD streams.

I did leave a disclaimer in the first section about potential problems with DSPlayer and a download link for the previously-provided playercorefactory.xml, for those still wanting to use DVDPlayer for video add-ons. If DSPlayer has more serious bugs, I could revert this information. I figured more would benefit than would not.

It depends on source & type of your streaming. If it's just video streaming (youtube , dailymotion etc.) it'd be fine to use dsplayer/ lavsource if your internet is fast enough.

It'd be much different when you try to watch live streaming though. Not sure if buffer size can be adjusted for LAVSource to use with streaming but it seems too low and I've encountered more bad than good with live streaming. Some dozen livestream I've tried has frequent graphic glitches which was so bad and very much noticable, And compared to DVDPlayer on same livestream those glitches were much less frequent or none at all.

Also DVDPlayer has better handle the stream that need token or authorization.

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