Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
this "Fixed Kodi Zoom options" it's needed to have in real time the changes made to the rect with kodi's zoom options also when using DSPlayer, there is no way that this it's the cause of the problem

somewhere dsplayer receives the command to set that aspect ratio, with the previous release DSPlayer was ignoring the message to change aspect ratio while playback so why you was not experiencing this problem, but it's not the solution

without a way to reproduce i cannot do anything because i have to see when and from where the message with new rect arrives to dsplayer, maybe it's something related specifically to the addons that you are using because i cannot reproduce this issue with my sources


maybe something with your rules force to use always dsplayer with streaming contents anyway if you want to check dvdplayer behavior with dsplayer version you can uncheck system - video - dsplayer - "use as default video player"
but i think that dvdplayer will have the same behavior that with the official version

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