Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
[quote='aracnoz' pid='2139973' dateline='1445514188']
somewhere dsplayer receives the command to set that aspect ratio, with the previous release DSPlayer was ignoring the message to change aspect ratio while playback[quote]

Could you please explain this a bit more, as it appears to be precisely the two most recent DSPlayer builds that are ignoring the aspect ratio message during playback?

When setting LAV splitter to use stream AR, madVR correctly receives the info from the stream. DVDPlayer does likewise as did previous DSPlayer builds - i.e. the aspect ratio changes correctly.

However, on the two most recent DSPlayer builds, DSPlayer doesn't receive the AR change message anymore from the http stream. Meaning 4:3 is incorrectly identified always as 16:9 and the picture is stretched even in Normal view mode.

I don't know what exactly what was changed but something clearly got broken in DSPlayer.

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