Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Warner, can you help me to understand a situation with 1280x720p file, state that use Reclock, with settings as your guide. In madVR> Display Modes, I activated treat 25p as 24p, I can not post screenschot statistics because I activated in the General Settings, Fullscreen Exclusive Mode.

The only setting I changed in madVR is, treat 25p as 24p, the file in question with these settings works 24.00020 Hz / 1080p 24Hz display, but I Frame 1 drop every 1.60 seconds, you can imagine how many you have dropped frames, rendering total around values of 22-23 ms.

obviously the file 1280x720p is in 25fps

If you change / off treat 25p as 24p, you have Dropped Frames 0, rendering total 21/22 ms, with the inconvenience Display output at 50.00036 Hz 1080p

I ask, what is it if active treat 25p as 24p for movies 25fps with a loss of frames every 1.60 seconds ?

so it is worth looking at 1080p without loss of countless frames.

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