Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-23, 14:26)Razoola Wrote: @gotham_x, what color is the reclock tray icon when these issues happen if have kodi in a window? Is it Yellow or Green?

If it is yellow then it probably means you do not have the percentages for 'speed change of media with PCM audio' set to a value that will allow reclock to resample (settings in reclocks video tab). You need to make sure the maximum speedup value is at least 5% when speeding up 24p to 25p, and of course maximum slowdown at least 5% when slowing down 25p to 24p. Also make sure in reclocks advanced setting tab that all the vsync options are disabled.

In situations like this its best to always check the reclock tray icon color first to be sure reclock is correctly altering audio if your not bit streaming audio.


ReClock is yellow in the notification bar when you play movie 1280x720p and / or 1920x1080p

These are the settings I have in ReClock




1280x720p output display 1080p , the panning there are obvious stuttering.

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