Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-24, 14:21)oldpoem Wrote: It's mental issue, I saw someone replace AVR just because the light didn't showed up.

I agree, i so far can't tell a difference between bitstream or reclock, except from DTS-HD sometimes having -4 dB internal, thus it can sound louder, but you just gotta raise the volume if you're not bitstreaming. I was mental myself, but i ended up with PC handling it since i couldn't bother with my Nvidia card refresh rate being totally messed up (23.971Hz on 23.976 wtf?). Until a solution will be released for bitstreaming it will never be "perfect" unless you're running Intel Haswell GPU with perfect timings.

Wouldn't a possible solution be (decoding DTS-HD, reclocking it and then packing it into DTS-HD again and bitstreaming it, i'm sure VideoClock does this?). Another solution would be modding Nvidia/AMD refresh rates to force constant 23.976 which CRU does http://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread...tility-CRU

Nvidia/AMD is doing a major fuckup here. Whichever of these companies deciding to add "Cinema" refresh rates has got my money. They just need to add a extra button named "Enable Cinema Refresh Rates" that changes the timings to be perfect for cinema, the normal timings can remain as well.

(2015-10-24, 13:48)gotham_x Wrote: In fact, following the signs EZODEN -> Advanced Settings, I disabled all, the fact remains, as mentioned earlier, Audio HD Audio resampled in PCM ReClock,NOT is airier and engaging as with the HD Audio codec active Lav Audio, i do not know, not seeing the various HD Audio codec on the screen of my AVR, seems as much a negative forcing, my opinion of course.

There are methods to fix it, but none of them are realtime, MKVMerge can reencode the video and audio to your refresh rate while keeping the audio perfect and bitstreamable without issues. This is a retarded method though and time consuming as everyone has different refresh rate timings, if just one of these retarded companies gave a damn i'd totally buy it.

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