Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-24, 16:13)Razoola Wrote: Reclock can be set to work with both bitstreaming and PCM resampling without changing settings. It all depends on what it receives from the audio decoder. The problem is reclocks user interface makes it harder than it needs to be.

If you are wanting to slow down 25p to 24p you want LAV set up so bitstreaming is disabled. As Warner306 says you do not loose audio quality, slysoft would argue you gain quality. In 95% of cases I would say this is the correct setup for reclock (don't use bitstreaming).

Bitstreaming however is a great option in reclock and I'm very thankful its there. You have to understand when to use it though because using it incorrectly causes issues (like you have discovered) or the loss of audio quality. Because reclock does not resample audio when bitstreaming however it is appealing to some because you save many CPU cycles which is great if your using CPU for decoding video

You only want reclock doing bitstreaming if you can match your panels refresh rate to a very close multiple of the video refresh rate. For example, I could get an old 295GTX gfx card to a refresh rate of 23.972 or 23.978 adding a custom refresh rate in the NVidia control panel. This is the correct time to consider having bitstreaming enabled for use with reclock. Then its just a case of that final 'disable media speed correction with bitstream audio' setting and if you should use it or not. Using it means video will correct itself (drop/repeat frames) to keep sync with audio. Disabling it will mean bitstream audio packets will drop/repeat so video remains smooth always. Because refresh rates are so close these corrections will be few and far between no matter which option you choose for this setting.

Some people will also use bitstreaming when going 23.976 to 24.000 or visa versa. For some that's too much audio packets dropping, some however may see that as an acceptable trade off for the extra CPU cycles to use on video.
Even with Nvidias custom refresh rate, it's still "dynamic" in that it jumps around, only CRU can force a fixed refresh rate that's perfect.

It's all up to Nvidia/AMD, if any of those listens they got my money Confused.

Bitstreaming perfectly can work, but there's no program available except VideoClock that can decode, correct clocks, and then repack it to make audio match refresh rate with bitstream. This also only works with DTS-HD, there's no program as fair as i'm aware that can do this to TrueHD.

Standard Kodi can do this with DTS-HD as far as i'm aware. But if you play a TrueHD movie with "Sync playback to display" on + passthrough on, you'll notice that the audio will have "skips".

I'm unsure why this method doesn't work with DD Audio.

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