Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-25, 15:22)Razoola Wrote: @XTrojan, in my view reclock is always needed even if you are ableto create a 100% matching refresh rate. This is because the video and audio clocks are different. Even if the refresh rates match with the video clock the audio clock may cause drift.

What is really needed in my view is a reclock replacement, probably something in LAV that madVR can tap into, or something in madVR that LAV can tap into. Or a new program that can sit between both (like reclock currently does).

Audio has no "frames" as far as i'm aware, DD Audio however can't have the audio portions split up as well as DTS does, not sure why.

The solution to this mess is just a advanced reclock that instead of changing the audio clock instantly does something similar as VideoClock does.
Decode->Change audio clock to refresh rate->Pack->Bitstream

Since AMD/Nvidia hasn't given a shit for years, i doubt they'll do now, the only one who gave a fuck was Intel, but their GPUs aren't on the same league :/.

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