Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-26, 18:39)XTrojan Wrote: Has anyone gotten 10bit to work with AMD cards (Not FirePro Or Quadro) My 970 is incapable of outputting 10-bit, i talked with Nvidia support and they confirmed that quadro cards can only outpit 10bit :/.

I'm running on 4k RGB or YcBcR444, 8bpc, seems i can't go higher without paying tons for professional graphics cards.

Hopefully when the new Bluray arrives with HDR AMD/Nvidia allows standard cards to output 10bit signal. Dolby Vision isn't released yet but something similar will eventually get released on HTPC, you can't beat the PC, lol.
heu, no , I had read than Nvidia card can't decode in 10bit but can output in 10bit (enable in 2009, I remember).

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