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This is the current section on bit depths:

Native Display Bit Depth

The chosen display bit depth is the bit depth madVR will dither to. This setting is found in devices -> properties -> the native display bitdepth is. It should be noted madVR processing is done at 16-bits, so the difference in output bit-depths can be difficult to differentiate when choosing between dithered 8-bit and 10-bit.

10-bit output requires two settings are enabled in madVR's general settings. fullscreen exclusive mode must be enabled. And the checkbox use Direct3D 11 for presentation (Windows 7 and newer) must be checked.

Typically, TVs supporting UHD resolutions also support output bit depths of 10-bits or more, but this is not always the case. Many olders TVs are also native 10 bit panels. To confirm 10-bit output is received, the following test protocol can be undertaken.


The choice of bit depth determines the number of available shades of each color. This is best demonstrated by the two industry standard color gamuts: rec.709 & rec.2020.

Rec. 709 - Output at 8-bits (256 colors), common to current 1080p Blu-ray.
Rec. 2020 - Output at 10-bits (1,024 colors) or 12-bits (4,096 colors), common to current UHD standard.

An 8-bit (Rec. 709) source cannot be expanded to a new gamut. Rather, the number of shades or steps between each color is increased allowing an additional 2-bits of precision. This means madVR adds less dithering to the image. The result is less noise and smoother gradation from one color to the next. 10-bit (Rec. 2020) sources are the only sources that truly benefit from 10-bit output by preserving the expanded gamut contained within the source.

Be careful when selecting 10-bit output with an 8-bit panel. Additional dithering will be added to the image by the GPU at output, reducing image quality. It is always a safe bet to set madVR to 8-bits if the panel bit-depth is unknown.

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