Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Just to clarify:

Quote:If the driver outputs 8-bit, you should set madVR to 8-bit. That way you get madVRs proper dithering, the driver only gets an 8-bit image and never has to dither --> Only madVR dithering is active.

If the driver outputs more than 8-bit, you get a choice. If you know that your TV does 10-bit, you can set madVR to 10-bit, and enjoy 2 bits more of precision. If you know your TV only has a 8-bit panel, it gets a bit more tricky, since the TV could still benefit from increased input bitdepth for processing (color management and whatnot), its probably best to test and look at the image - or just stay on the safe side and use 8-bit - but whichever option you choose, only madVR dithers, not the driver!

The only time you would get both dithering, madVR and the driver, is when the driver is set to 8-bit, and madVR to 10. madVR dithers to 10-bit, the driver to 8. You really don't want that option.


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