Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-28, 22:55)Razoola Wrote: You need a screenshot looking from the menu before without the description at the bottom to understand the point i'm trying to highlight..

The available options in that setting are very straight forward and well described from their headers but the original title of 'manage settings with kodi' is not. When your looking down through the list of options in the DS player menu where it is placed it is not apparent it is something related to madVR until you mouse over it (especially when the default setting of 'Load and Save with DSPlayer database' is shown to the right of it). From the title one thinks its more about integration between DSplayer and kodi than anything related to madVR. Do you see what I mean?

I feel it would make for more sence and be more understanding / user friendly if there was reference to madVR in there to make it more apparent to users. Another example of a replacement text would be;

'madVR setting handling'

So the entire line with default setting would say...

' - madVR setting handling' 'Load and Save with DSPlayer database'

That accurately describes what this setting does in three words, 'Manage settings with Kodi' does not make sense on its own what this setting is doing. When you know all the sub settings it makes a little more sence but not much.

Agreed: "Manage madVR settings with Kodi" would be better.

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