Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-27, 19:14)aracnoz Wrote:
(2015-10-27, 03:20)GlennNZ Wrote: Hi

Was one MadVR aspect which doesn't appear implemented within Dsplayer - which would be ideal for those as myself that use 2.35:1 screen and zoom/etc

That is the "Move OSD into active video area" setting on Device, Screen Config MadVR setting.

Ideally to move Kodi OSD display within the video area, regardless of the window size - would complete the 2:35:1 experience.

Thanks for considering. As Madshi's explains in his attachment - Madshi for Devs


are you talking about a projector setup? if yes i already spoke with madshi about that, the main problems it's that those options are made for a player like mpc that have to render something only while playback
instead kodi have to render the gui always even without a playback, so i cannot retrieve the rect about the active video area from madVR in these cases, so you will continue to have the kodi main menu outside the mask

anyway i will try to do something with the next jarvis build that will include also zoom control option in Kodi

Thanks - that's great to hear. That's for explaining some of the difficulties but an option that defaults to last active video area after playback - changes again when new playback would be fantastic.

(Just seen PM - will check)


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