Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-30, 22:43)oRuin Wrote:
(2015-10-30, 22:25)huhn Wrote:
(2015-10-30, 20:26)XTrojan Wrote: It seems if i go under 30Hz on 2160p, a new option is unlocked which is 12bit color "12bpc".

10Bit is impossible to get no matter what, the only option i got is 8bit and 12bit. Will setting 12bit allow 10bit MadVR dithering without the driver interfering?

it's an nvidia limitation. there is no 10 bit option if 12 bit is possible too.

you could get "10 bit" to the display if this has nay benefit is a whole different story only the HDR compatible UHD screen are 10 bit.

(2015-10-30, 21:53)oRuin Wrote: Hi, just a quick one as I'm having to go out in a sec.
Big thanks to the author of DSPlayer. My HTPC is working great thanks to this.
Currently running a GTX 670 HDMI out to Onkyo AVR to a Panasonic VT65 Plasma.
Using just the internal LAV filters XYSubfilter and Reclock.
I can use all the Scaling algorithms fine, except for Nnedi3 when Chroma upscaling. The video plays (1080p) but it's just a mess of green artifacts. I have done the exact same setup on my desktop PC which uses a GTX970 and Nnedi works fine.

Both machines are using the latest nVidia drivers.

Any ideas? It's driving me nuts!
I'll be back later if you need any more info.


which windows version and are you using CUVID if yes use copyback and try again.

Sorry out atm on my phone. Windows 10, both CUVID and copyback have been tried, same problem.

Try software decoding by selecting None. Also, if you are using the D3D11 presentation path, try D3D9 instead.

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