Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-01, 22:19)XTrojan Wrote: Will DSPlayer / MadVR support HDR metadata in the future? I know rec2020, 10bit etc all that is supported, but since we're using GPUs limited by Nvidia/AMD to the prosumer cards, is it possible they'll only allow HDR for pro cards as well? I know 10bit is already restricted to pro cards, but jeez.

A card as powerful as 970 that's Quadro costs 4 times as much. I really wonder how UHD Bluray will change the HTPC scene, will MadVR serve any purpose after UHD Brray is out?

It seems a guarantee that madVR will support HDR content, although I'm not sure how this works at this point. The program is still being actively developed. HDR would almost certainly become a standard feature of every new graphics card, as even PC content will make use of this technology.

Of course, madVR will always serve a purpose. Even Blu-ray content still has to be scaled and rendered. You can't get a picture on the screen without a video renderer.

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