Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-04, 01:59)Warner306 Wrote: It should look good. It is up to your eyes. Does NNEDI3 look better than super-xbr? It is supposed to be more in-focus with less ringing, but less sharp. Given your GPU load, I'd stick with NNEDI3.

Hi, sorry for late answer.

Yes, it's exactly as you describe, for my eyes NNEDI3 looks better. Regarding sharpness, after image is doubled it gets upscalled by Lanczos which is famous for its coarse / sharp results so overall the final image is quite nice.

I've also noticed that for profile 720p->1080p you previously recommended Image Up Jinc 3 AR, Image Doubling Off while now you propose Image Doubling super-xbr125 + Catmul Rom Downscalling. Which one you consider in fact that gives the best quality? My GPU can accomodate both (+10% increase only when doing luma doubling).

And last one: I've seen that you always recomend super-xbr125 for Chroma Upscalling, is there a big difference vs Jinc 3? I've seen some discussions between madshi and some guys by which even Bicubic 75 AR should be sufficient for this.

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