Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-08, 00:53)alturismo Wrote: thats what i thought when reading, but exactly that doesnt work cause as soon as i set > 24 Hz my max is ycbcr 4:2:0, when i set

3840x2160 24p i can set RGB or ycbcr 4:2:2 or 4:4:4
3840x2160 > 24p (like 30, 50 or 60) only 4:2:0 is available ...
1080p nevermind, can always use RGB ...

so my question is if its even possible to set 3840x2160 60hz with RGB ... with my hardware Wink

Set your GPU to 60Hz and let Kodi or madVR do the refresh rate switching. Set the Nvidia control panel to RGB (full or limited). The software and your TV will take care of the rest.

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