Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
DSPlayer remains DirectShow, so it has not given up compatibility with other renderers. It could be powered by anything in the future.

But, if not madVR, then what is the point of DSPlayer? DVDPlayer already offers excellent quality with DXVA scaling, especially with integrated graphics cards. madVR works fine with integrated graphics cards and offers an improvement in image quality, albeit small. madVR is unlikely to ever be paid software (likely donation only), but if it was, I could see why users with integrated graphics cards would want another option (EVR?). I would guess most would go back to DVDPlayer. madVR keeps DSPlayer relevant and will be free for a long time.

The burden of a graphics card comes from madVR's design philosophy. It was never meant to be a perfect solution for every user. From the beginning, it was about offering the best picture quality possible. This required the use of algorithms and techniques not available to Blu-ray players, which requires processing -- sometimes a lot of processing. But that is what madVR does -- offer excellent picture quality -- at all cost. It is meant for those wanting to maximize their home theatre set-up, not caring about the cost. Ironically, this software remains free.

That philosophy does not mesh with Kodi at all. Kodi is not meant to be a high-end home theatre experience. But, compared to commercial software, it remains better at what it does. madVR seems fit for Kodi. While meant to be high-end, it is really good at improving the quality of downloaded and low-quality videos. Kodi and madVR are both the best at what they do. That's why they work well together. But you need to be a user that appreciates this, with a set-up that can utilize both.

BTW, graphics cards are getting very small. The most powerful card, the GTX 980, is small form factor and fits into small-form factor cases. And integrated graphics cards are getting to the point they can almost run Jinc/super-xbr with post-processing.

madVR keeps DSPlayer as a high-powered version of Kodi. Otherwise, it would just be another flavour of Kodi with nothing special to offer.

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