Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-15, 21:52)Knight77 Wrote: 2) NEW MADVR FUNCTIONS

In the latest madVR releases the setting for Finesharp doesn't exist anymore and new functions have been added but now they are not yet selectable in this DSPlayer version. What's the situation? Even if I cannot select them in DSplayer/Kodi they are working? Since they're not selectable they're not? And the Finesharp setting is it useless now?

DSPlayer needs updating, that's all I guess.

- Fine Sharp shows up as activated according to the DSPlayer menu in both enhancement and refinement for every profile, even though my profiles are loaded directly from madVR and none of the profiles should have Fine Sharp selected
- The values shown are 947606.3 or something, as is also the case with SuperRes's radius and sharpness controls. As far as I can tell, these are precisely the values that can no longer be configured manually in madVR
- So the question is: is this just a cosmetic issue in the DSPlayer menu or are the madVR settings actually screwed up somehow? I believe it must be just cosmetic (which is ok for the time being) because I load everything directly from madVR. So... I'll just ignore the DSPlayer menu for now and change everything via the madVR panel, right?

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