Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I still think this is just for fun, but one can't discount the amount of hours and lines of code that went into making this software work. It is never going to be in vain, but the player is deserving of an audience.

I post about DSPlayer in AVSForum, Doom9, Kodi and various other places on the Web because it is the only way to get the word out. Still to this day, there are people who know about Kodi, but they don't know anything about DSPlayer. The problem is they are looking for the exact features DSPlayer offers. These ask: Why can't I use DirectShow filters with Kodi? Why can't I find a solution better than MPC-HC to use madVR? Why is the playback experience of DVDPlayer so poor? etc., etc.

Just yesterday, I found a user on AVSForum with a high-end 4K projector and a HTPC with a GTX 970. He was using DVDPlayer and couldn't understand why the experience was underwhelming but is now using DSPlayer to project onto a 150" anamorphic screen. Who with that set-up would want to use DXVA scaling from 1080p -> 2160p with regular Kodi using a $30,000 projector? This is what he claims he is using to project an image: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-VPLVW1100ES-4...B00HSI21UE. You would be stupid to use Kodi DVDPlayer with that.

The only argument against DSPlayer deserving official support is its complexity. But I only see that as an argument on the set-up and set-up support side. As you can see in this thread, the number of issues with DSPlayer has been very small and isolated to a handful of issues.

I think aracnoz deserves more respect and support from other developers, but I will continue to use the player as long as I choose Kodi as a media front-end.

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