Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-24, 23:24)fritsch Wrote: The only argument? Another argument is: It would not benefit _any_ platform at all and windows - my dear friends - is only used on ~ 15 % of all kodi installations.

I understand your reasoning. Two notes, though:

1) Most open source devs do their work in their free time without payment. There are multiple possible reasons why devs do that. Some might just love programming and don`t need any extra motivation. Others might need a bit of appreciation to be motivated. Everybody is different. In regards to DSPlayer/aracnoz, I just wish communication would have been better (much better, actually). From what aracnoz told me, his posts were usually ignored by Team Kodi devs, his PMs not replied to by anybody, even after waiting 2 weeks. And when he went the extra mile to minimize the changes that would be needed in the Kodi code base to integrate DSPlayer, he didn't get any positive feedback at all. He was just ignored. And then some Team Kodi devs even complained that they didn't like that aracnoz didn't contribute to the Kodi code base. Basically he got the opposite of appreciation for all the work he's done. You gotta admit that this could (and should) have been handled much better.

2) I wonder if Kodi Windows users ever had a chance to vote for or against DSPlayer vs. DVDPlayer? If the majority of users doesn't care, or even prefers the "all-in-one" logic Kodi currently uses, that would put an end to the debate. If the majority is in favor of using DirectShow, though, that might be something that should not be ignored? To be honest, I've no idea which result such a vote would produce.

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