Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
you are aware that the current version of DSplayer supports EVR? so the "average Pentium 4 / Nvidia GT210" can use this DSplayer without issues.
madVR works totally fine with an GPU like an HD 4400 so a fancy GPU isn't needed and there is still EVR which should be the default renderer.

Quote:- Someone needs to support DSPlayer for non technical users, needs to explain again and again which filters to use and so on
Quote:- It also needs to be explained why feature X, feature Y does not work on the average Pentium 4 / Nvidia GT210 windows setup.
a default setup with lavfilter, EVR and vs filter will work out of the box the rest is like addons.
it's very important that the DSplayer work for everyone and thanks to EVR it should/will.
and doesn't it help a lot when lavfilter takes care of all these DXVA decoder?
Quote:- The percentage of windows users with capable hardware (CPU / GPU whatever) that can use all those fancy filters that need a lot of hw performance (be it CPU, OpenCL) let's say perhaps 33 % of the windows user has? So the real value will only be for a quite low percentage of the windows users. I read somewhere about an example of upscaling 1080p to a 4k screen ... nearly all NUCs out there (perhaps not the SKLs) are not fast enough to even do a "simple" lanczos3 upscaling filter to get this processed - so that use case won't be fullfiled for these users at all - no new value for them.
even an iGPU is fast enough to use a lot of madVR features.
UHD usage is pretty unreal on an nuc they don't support HDMI 2.0 and they don't have a 10 bit HEVC decoder. so the number of user will be very low for UHD and i don't see any issues with EVR.
but every windows user gets the possibility to use a lot more features.

Quote:- Most of the fanboys here in this thread, especially those that scream loudest (not (!) those that actually have a clue and write the code) don't care at all for Raspberry Pi, Arm, OSX, Linux and so on - they only think of their personal usecase

isn't that pretty normal for users?

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