Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-25, 13:53)fritsch Wrote: Hehe - yeah. You did not comment on my multiplatform user point of view. So - kodi for everyone with an amount of features that covers 90% use case is not possible in your eyes?

of cause not, directshow is windows only. it obviously not going to help 90% of all user. wasn't it the same with the DX11 update and isn't all DXVA development windows only?
the biggest benefit i see is that a lot of other people will create and update features that can be used in KODI.

so as far as i see this special work is needed for windows and it's done already.

i mean is there even a way to get 10 bit data to an GPU without directx10 or newer on windows? i don't know.

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