Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I refrained to comment in the devs section, respecting FernetMenta request. I see devs, some of them at least, have come here. And that is good thing in my opinion. At least having a dialogue is better than nothing.

I've been here for a long time, more than 10 years now (registration date notwithstanding) and in that time frame I've seen devs refusing the idea of developing for PC, at all. Then XBMC coming to Linux only, and devs stating that it would have been the only OS they could support. We see now where Kodi is and I think that speaks volumes about the overall project capability of facing change. In a positive way.

fritsch, I read all of your last post... and then I glanced at your signature and I found nevcariel's comment, which you chose to put there. "Of course, they [XP Users and people with outdated hardware] need to tell the world about the kind of hero they are, and block innovation for everyone else because their decades old OS / hardware needs to work =p".
After your post's content it was somewhat ironic, considering that you seem to care a great deal about people with Pentium 4/ GT210 setups, people with NUCs, people with Celeron 2955U (not stating that caring for them is wrong, just reiterating that making them stop work devoted to better quality is wrong).

You then refer to DSPlayer being an external player. And words matter. This is not an external player. What aracnoz has done is an integrated solution, unless you really think that using MPC-HC as an external player and using a DSPlayer version of Kodi amounts to the same thing.

For a while, now, DSPlayer has been mostly a built in solution, with no need to download codecs or configuring it (unless one wanted to). The latest Isengard stable version clocks in at 65.2 MB, the latest DX11 Isengard 15.2 version stands at 62.7MB. And note that the DSPlayer release does not yank away DVDPlayer. It's there as a fallback if needed or even selectable as default player, leaving DSPlayer for special cases.

You say "someone needs to support DSPlayer for non technical users" and yet we already have this http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=222576 that stands as one of the most in-depth tutorials/guides on the web for madVR/DirectShow configuration. More in depth and user friendly, this needs to be said, than several portions of the Wiki (to which I contributed a single page, long ago, and which I don't want to downplay at all, considering it's gotten seriously better in the past few years).

I advised aracnoz to have a look at the recent VideoPlayer development that seemed to hold promise for a "binary addon" approach. He posted there. He was met with two or three replies that basically stated "no, never, not on this planet". This for a person that busted his ass working on a fork, kept in the open, with an approach that strived to maintain Kodi's approach of working everything through the GUI (actually, probably more than Kodi itself, considering there's stuff in the GUI now that in Kodi will quite surely stay on advancedsettings.xml). He was asked to provide clear examples of what DSPlayer offered more than DVDPlayer. He did that. And the *first* reply after that post was FernetMenta stating that he disliked forks because they did not provide a single line of code.

What do you think aracnoz was writing there for? To steal code and run away with his fork making millions of dollars? Is that why he kept all development in the open, accessibile and talked freely here? There's over 5,000 posts on DSPlayer threads in this forum, more than several of the skins devoted forums, yet nobody thought of asking aracnoz if he maybe wanted to have his own subforum to discuss his developments.

It also needs to be said: you can't go around claiming stuff like 15%, to then be corrected at 35% and then stating that it doesn't matter. Because when you then add that "dsplayer won't change a single thing for 65% to 85% of Kodi users" one might wonder about the other percentages displayed in Team Kodi's presentation. OS X and iOS sit nicely inside those percentages, for instance. All work done on those platforms won't change a single thing for 65% to 85% of Kodi users. And there's been a time when hardware accelerated video decoding was supported *just* on Linux. Maybe you weren't here then, I can't tell.

Finally, calling people fanboys is not the best attitude to maintain a civil tone in a discussion, you might want to refrain from doing that. Or you couldn't care less about this advice. Your call.
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