Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-25, 15:21)fritsch Wrote: I just unsubscribed - I really wanted to understand how DSplayer can help kodi architecture and all users - but it seems there is no interest - as kodi does not matter at all - as long as the play button calls something else.
This is my last post on the subject as well, and I am available to continue in private messages if you'd so feel inclined. But, really, emphasis above is mine, how can you say something like that? Kodi DSPlayer *is* Kodi. If Kodi didn't matter we would all be down at doom9 or AVS forums, discussing other media centers or media players. A Kodi DSPlayer user uses the whole of Kodi *except* DVDPlayer. DSPlayer was and could be an alternative component inside Kodi, as there are many. Theoretically Video Player rewrite points in this direction but when aracnoz approached he was met in a most unkind and unwelcoming way. Why? I frankly don't know.
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