Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I made note of aracnoz's departure on the first page of the set-up guide. The guide will remain in place, of course, as long as existing DSPlayer builds are available for download.

I wish aracnoz would reconsider. These forums can seem so impersonal. Everyone here appreciated his presence. We all know this is a one-man show.

Future madVR features not compatible with DSPlayer will be documented in the MPC-HC guide posted in the same section for those interested.

It is not far-fetched for me to produce a similar set-up guide for Emby Theater when it reaches Beta status. I plan to balance Kodi and some other player to take the place of DSPlayer. Harmony remotes make this possible, and I already use Emby Server. But that is more than disappointing...a total waste, really. It is like the death of plasma television.

aracnoz deserved much more respect. Others have tried to balance madVR and DSPlayer in the past, and aracnoz was the only one who could pull it off. His time and effort should be worth more than it was. The code graveyard is a quiet place.

I hope there is a lesson for Team Kodi on how it communicates with new developers. The cold shoulder was felt by me and obviously offended aracnoz. Treat everyone with respect. They all adore Kodi and put a lot of work into supporting it. Many people in this forum would write player code if they could, but only a few like aracnoz can.

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