Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I'm sure some ppl here donated to him, feeling completaly grateful for the direction things was going to. But as Warner said, that's not what have broken this, perhaps not even time taking over his life. I guess it's more the weird feeling all this recent discussions with devs that have, somewhat, broken his heart, so to speak. If u work hard and u think there's a possibility to put this part of software in the mainline, that all ur passion is for a real hope, and suddenly they tell u "no, it won't ever happen no matter how hard or how long u worked", I guess that makes u feel like....so...what am i doing and why?

I'm not saying i didn't read the devs, they have their reasons,but then, i read aracnoz,madshi, and the rest of us, and we have our good reasons too.
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