Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
you mentioned other reasons that what's wrong.

(2015-11-26, 11:30)fritsch Wrote: but he left cause it took far too much of his time - nobody seemed to have helped him to a degree that he could have managed it.
he left before the burnout got him.

speaking of my self, i have always hated the windows experience compared to openelec, even if the dsplayer playback quality destroy kodi video player on every term.
but now with a 4k tv and a 99.9% 1080p library i can trade linux smoothness for win os sh... in favor of dsplayer quality.
what i'm saying maybe if the language was a little bit more encouraging for him, dsplayer could be maintained as a side growing project for videophiles which happend to be windows exclusive. while kodi mainline stuff keep getting optimized to the point where dsplayer is not needed anymore.

(2015-11-26, 12:33)fritsch Wrote: Edit: Btw. you should read the complete thread, including the conversation between Madshi and FernetMenta. There seems to be a really good understanding between them ...

maybe instead of asking team kodi for dsplayer adoption we should ask madshi for cross-platform render?
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