Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I have been a few days away and have come back to see what has happened. I'm a little confused to be honest because as quite a new user of kodi + DSplayer, I did not understand there was a situation brewing.

If you take the apparent communication issues on the personal level away that seem to have caused this situation then I feel the problems can be solved. I have to say this is not the first time I have seen situations like this in projects that have different branches and it certainly will not be the last.

Because kodi is a multi platform software I can fully see why there would be hesitation to adding DSplayer into the main tree. What we have to remember however is that multiplatform software normally has different goals than a platform pacific application. They normally want the same experience over all platforms. The result is multiplatform software is not as good as software designed for a single platform. This is just the way it is. Sometimes what happens is branches do get merged back into the main tree and then across other platforms but not always. In this case we know the video quality offered by kodi with DSplayer is far greater than kodi with DVDplayer because of its use with madVR for example.

This is where I'm confused, was it always the intention of aracnoz to try and get his DSplayer into the main tree? I personally don't see an issue that its not but at the same time I can understand it being very frustrating if there are communication problems between the devs of the main tree and the branches. Normally these are because of a different mind-set on the goal of the project. If your writing multiplatform software your just going to have to accept that someone can come along and do something better for a single system. One the other side devs for a single system need to understand their are other things to take into consideration which can limit how good the software can be over all systems.

For me personally, I would have never discovered kodi with dsplayer if it did not have madvr support. But I have to thank both aracnoz and the main kodi devs for making it possible. I hope you guys can work something out at some point in the future.


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