Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
But why, FernetMenta? DSPlayer allows for madVR use. MadVR is objectively a better render. It's not a matter of personal opinion. In the devs thread you asked for reasons why DSPlayer is better. It pretty much boils down to madVR and SVP (frame interpolation, personally I don't care for it). Then there's Reclock which I personally prefer as it's more transparent about what happens behind the scenes.

Aracnoz expressed clear willingness to work within the binary addons constraints. Your reply was scathing to be generous. There's no point in trying to turning this into something else. There was a developer willing to work, he was shown the exit door, he took it. Go re-read the devs thread and tell me exactly where aracnoz was met with positive comments and suggestions.
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