Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
This is going nowhere and it seems to me that this bickering over what are really trival things is making the situation worse and not better.

At the end of the day it is not the job of the main tree to be purposely moved into a position so it can swallow a fork simply because it offers better quality over another platform, that is not the best way to move a project forward. It seems to me at least (again taking the personal communication issues out of the way) that both FernetMenta and aracnoz do actually see the same end goal, the only difference is in how to get there. It is really unfortunate what has happened. From both a kodi+dsplayer prospective and moving the entire kodi project into the future.

On the one side aracnoz sees it from a DSplayer intergration exercise and he has offered help to do that. On the other side FernetMenta and other kodi devs have to weigh up the best way to allow videoplayer modules that will also be of benefit to all other platforms and not just windows.

If a video player spec (which can be a different revision over platform) is the way the main kodi dev want to move the project forward then I would say aracnoz can offer a really good insight on that from a windows prospective which can be used to help with other platforms also. What he says should be listened to. At the same time though aracnoz would have to accept ideas that are good from a windows dsplayer standpoint may not be when doing the same for other platforms. A lot on planning and cleanup would be needed and it would be better if aracnoz is a part of that fully.

Idealy the best way this would happen would be to first guide the main tree in steps where it could potentially allow DSplayer as the video player spec for windows. This is not just about windows I stress. These steps would need to be taking other platforms into account equally and not just be from a DSplayer prospective. For this to happen it would have been better if aracnoz stopped work on the dsplayer tree and lent his expertize to the main dev pool. To stress again, he did indicate he was open to helping.

Then once that is complete he could then work the DSplayer module into a place where it met the standard he helped set up in the main tree.

I sincerely ask both FernetMenta and aracnoz if you could privately try and reach out to each other. I really do believe you both have a lot more in common on where you see kodi going than you may think.

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