Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-27, 14:19)ldavet Wrote: I'm very disappointed with this project going back to dormant state because it was a big draw for the Windows user. DVDPlayer's IQ is much inferior to players from competing media center software and DSPlayer helped tip the scale back in Kodi's favor. In fact the only reason I added a dedicated GPU to my HTPC was DSPlayer and now I'm feeling like I've wasted money.

I'm also disappointed because after posts by core devs here it seems Windows users are "second-class" users to them. It's surely difficult to merge forked code back into the main branch, especially when it's so extensive (a whole new player which shares little with DVDPlayer other than interface), but the devs seemed not to have even considered the possibility, after all Windows users are minority so if something can be at its best on Windows it doesn't really matter, right?

I'd expect this kind of behavior from big corporation (in fact I'm used to it, as PC gamer) but from open-source community it's definitely not encouraging and gives the whole project a bad reputation. If Windows matters less to you, then either be honest about it or simply drop support of it. I'm already expecting the broken support of Xbox One controller on Windows 10 to last longer than I expected because I already knew users of Xbox One controllers were a minority but now I learned Windows itself isn't a priority in the Kodi project, much less Windows 10 which has been out for only four months.

Why are Windows users more vocal about bugs they experience? Because they know they're being neglected, after all their problems take longer to fix as it's not the "priority". Wink

If things change in the future I'll come back to Kodi, for now I guess I'll look elsewhere.

Yes, the single active Windows dev is sure neglecting the platform while upgrading it to DX11 and doing a ton of other stuff for it.
Go fuck yourself.

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