Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
@aracnoz Thanks for all your hard work --- hopefully you reconsider after some down time as it does appear the backbreaking work integrating is done.

Sad to hear the Kodi Dev's - for whom we wouldn't be here seem and we all own major thanks may have precipitated this.

I for one came to Kodi (used, donated, supported as able, updated some third party software) solely because of dsplayer and I'm sure others did.
Quality of video playback has to be important. (but hey thats not up for me to decide priorities)

Personally I don't care what operating system my HTPCs run - really couldn't care less - I just want the best quality -- and undoubtedly, without argument that was Dsplayer/windows/madVR.

Hopefully we can let the dust settle and see some way forward from here.


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