Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-29, 10:32)Koying Wrote: lol, there is a new fork of Kodi every week at least Wink
It's another take at being successful.

A fork is somewhat different, though. They copy most of your code, including all the copyright notices, so the heritage from your code stays pretty obvious. But I understand that the open source concept is quite different to my way of thinking. I wouldn't at all like madVR's code to be forked in any way.

(2015-11-29, 10:32)Koying Wrote: Re your "war" with mpv, at the end of the day they were picked by Plex, whatever the reason is. It makes me think that if you had collaborated with them, you'd be part of the success, rather than being bitter..

There's no "war", there's been zero contact. I'm just not interested in helping them in any way.

Being "part of the success" in the form of having contributed to something that isn't mine isn't very interesting to me. I also don't want to become an employee of some company (like mpv's @wm4). I want to stay my own boss, and I want my own baby to have success, instead of contributing to someone else's baby. Yeah, I know, this is different to the open source idea. Anyway, I'm quite content with the success I have so far. Most Windows media players are supporting madVR, and reading through various forums, it seems most users know where to look if they want the highest possible image quality.

(2015-11-29, 10:32)Koying Wrote: I don't even doubt your commitment, but nobody's eternal. You can be blown up by a terrorist or killed by a madmen with war weapons today, depending on what side of the atlantic you live.
Then your hard work will be lost forever and fade into oblivion.

True. I've always thought I should setup some sort of "death switch" so that when I die, eac3to+madVR get automatically open sourced. Just not sure how to do that without being in risk of it happening accidently somehow, and without spending a lot of time on it.

(2015-11-29, 10:32)Koying Wrote: BTW, I didn't realize you do eac3to as well. Man, how frustrated I was knowing there was a piece of freeware doing SSIF demultiplexing but closed-source, so that I had to (badly) re-invent the wheel...
You could have contacted me. I've often helped other devs out with pieces of information and source code fragments. It's not that I'm not willing to help other devs. I just have no interest in helping direct competitors.

(2015-11-29, 10:32)Koying Wrote: BTW, that's exactly the open-source philosophy. You make my point that you are miles away from our values...
We are not doing Kodi for glory, we are doing it because it's useful to us, and if others can make it even better, good for us.
Unfortunately the mpv devs don't seem to share your moral high ground. Would you copy ideas/algos without giving any credit? And if you found a bug in someone else's algo, would you refrain from reporting the bug, and instead use it to advertise the superiority of your own project? Maybe my thinking doesn't live up to your philosophy, but at least I'm decent enough to ship a readme with madVR where I credit everyone who contributed good ideas/algos, regardless of whether there was any active help/contact or not.

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