Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
madshi Wrote:It may be a good match for Kodi because it's also open source and multi platform, and it has copied several good ideas from madVR. But don't kid yourself into thinking that it has "mostly all madvr's features". It's quite far from that. Also the quality of some of the key algorithms that mpv does have doesn't match madVR's quality (yet?). I could give you a detailed list of all quality differences, but if I gave you such a list, I already know that you'd forward it to the mpv devs to use as a checklist for their future development, so I'm not going to do that.

Oh I didn't want to denigrate your work.
But knowing that madVR is and will remain closed source and the philosophy of the kodi team, madVR will never be a solution for them. I think there are some good things to get from the mpv source and I hope that some of them will be implemented inside the new kodi player soon.

Some mpv's developers and contributors implemented some MPDN shaders inside mpv recently and there are credits somewhere.

I think you should go to the mpv irc channel to contact the mpv community.
I am sure they didn't want to hurt you and feel bad that you reacted like that.

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